Videos online – Thema Krieg

Bemerkenswerte Filme online:

The Prophecy – 1982
(0:41) 16mm film
This is the result of the „Ten Foot Movement“ in Japan, where each citizen was asked to buy ten feet of film from the U. S. National Archives. The footage, views of incredible human suffering after atomic bombs struck Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, had never been made public. Oral histories of Hibakusha (A-bomb victims) and worldwide anti-nuclear protests add to the message. (1/6) (English)

Kill ‚Em All – American War Crimes in Korea – 2002
Jeremy Williams ABC TV (1/5) (English)

Apokalypse Vietnam – Krieg in Indochina 1968-1975 – 2006
(1:29) Jürgen Eicke, Sebastiam Dehnhardt – arte TV (Deutsch)

Vietnam – American Holocaust
Amateur-Zusammenstellung aus verschiedenen Dokus (English)

Japan’s dirty secret – 2003
? (0:20)
dies scheint ein Teil eines Dokus zu sein
Many Chinese are still suffering the effects of a vicious campaign of Japanese germ warfare. (English)

Planspiel Iran – Amerikas nächster Krieg? – 2005
(:43) Andreas Orth und Markus Zeidler WDR (Deutsch)

Es begann mit einer Lüge – 2001
(:43) Jo Angerer, Mathias Werth WDR – Monitor-Autoren enthüllen Fälschungen in der Berichterstattung zum Kosovo-Krieg (1/5)

Death in Gaza – 2004 (1:20) James Miller (English) (1/8)

Showdown in Iran – 2008
Greg Barker Frontline (1/5) derselbe (Deutsch)

The other Side of Suez – Die Suez Krise – 2006? (:56)
Ross Wilson, Neal McDonaldBBC four, arte (Deutsch) (1/9) (länger) (English)

Winter Soldier – 1972 Collective Filmmaking (English)

Death of a Nation – The Timor Conspiracy – 1998 (1:14) John Pilger
On December 7, 1975 Indonesia secretly – but with the complicity of the Western powers including the US, the UK, and Australia – invaded the small nation of East Timor. (English)

Afghan Massacre – Convoy of Death – 2004 (:50) Jamie Doran
US war crimes in Afghanistan Under the watch of American troops thousands of prisoners of war have been executed in the desert or left to suffocate in containers. (1/5) (English)

The Truth Game – 1983
John Pilger
aus: In The name Of Justice: The Television Reporting of John Pilger, part seven.
An examination of the propaganda and policy surrounding the nuclear arms race – from the initial nuclear detonations over Japan to the stockpiling of arms by world superpowers. (1/8) (English)

In fremden Diensten – Deutsche Legionäre im Indochinakrieg – 2004 (:52) Annette Fuss arte (Deutsch)

Krieg ist ihr Beruf – 1997 (:28) Claus Bienfait ZDF
Deutsche in der Fremdenlegion (Deutsch)

Gesucht wird der unsichtbare Tod – 1991

Wolfgang Landgraeber und Holger Vogt WDR (1/5)

(26. April 2008)

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