Videos online – Thema China, Tibet

Bemerkenswerte Filme online über ein Land, das auf einem Auge blind zu sein scheint:

Undercover In Tibet – 2008 Tash Despa, Jezza Neumann Channel 4 (English)

China’s Olympic Lie – 2007 Aidan Hartley and Producer Andrew Carter Channel 4
When it won the Olympic bid, China promised to improve its human rights record. Instead, as this week’s Unreported World reveals, things have got worse. (English)

China’s Stolen Children – 2007 Jezza Neumann Dispatches: Repressive Regimes
China’s ‚One Child‘ policy has had the horrific side effect of a boom in stolen children. It is estimated that 70,000 children are kidnapped there every year and traded on the black market. (English)

The Dying Rooms – 1995 Kate Blewett, Brian Woods and Peter Woolrich
In China very young children were being deliberately neglected and being allowed to die in agonising ways. (English)

(16. April 2008)