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Klimaglaube, Ersatzreligion und Klimapropheten
3SAT-„Kulturzeit am 19.01.2010 (0:07)

Consuming Kids – The Commercialisation of Childhood – 2008 (1/7) (1:07)

The Corporation – 2003
(1:26) u.a. Joel Bakan (1/2) (1:12) (2/2) (1:12)
(English) (Deutsch Untertitel) (1/2)(1:26) (2/2) (1:00)
(English) (3:00)

, Smoke & Mirrors – 2006 (:50) Ronan Doyle
(English) (Deutsche Untertitel) (English)

Who killed John O’Neill? – 2005
(1:40) Ty Rauber
In a fictional film about non-fictional events, there is a place where belief and faith will blind you, where nothing is sacred, and to get there all you have to do is ask
(English) (Deutsche Untertitel)

Kill the Messenger – 2005
mit Sibel Edmonds
The documentary focuses on both Ms. Edmonds’s personal struggle to expose the criminality that she uncovered while at the FBI, and also the ’secret‘ itself – the network of nuclear black-market, nacotics illegal arms trafficking activities. (1/2) (English) (2/2) (English)

American Blackout – 2006
(1:29) Ian Inaba
The film chronicles the 2004 reelection of Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney to the U.S. House of Representatives; it also discusses issues surrounding alleged voter disenfranchisement and the use of voting machines in both the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections. (English)

Vortrag American Dynasty 2004
(:26) Kevin Phillips
The former White House strategist spoke at Berkeley, California in January 2004.
He exposes four generations of criminal activity by the Bush dynasty. (English)

The Epic of Black Gold
2004 Jean-Pierre Beaurenaut & Yves Billon
The history of oil is the history of the 20th century. It is a history of corruption, violence, unimaginable profits and human suffering. In the last 100 years, oil has changed almost every part of human life in almost every corner of the globe. This series sets out to tell the tale of Black Gold, in suitably epic detail and scope; from John D Rockefeller and Henry Ford’s Model-T, through both world wars, to the current US engagement in Iraq.
In 5 Teilen: (in 5 Teilen) (English)

Henker erzählen – Todesstrafe in den USA – 2004
(:49) Jean-Paul Dubois WDR (Deutsch)

Schock Doktrin – Beeinflussung von Mensch und Gesellschaft durch Schock 2007
? (:08)
Alfonso Cuarón and Naomi Klein
(English) (Deutsche Untertitel)

War on Drugs – The Prison Industrial Complex – 1999
dnw Holland – Cristina Berio ua. (English)
zu diesem Thema der Artikel in telepolis „USA – Gefängnisland Nr. 1“:

Menschenzoos – 2002
(:52) Pascal Blanchard, Eric Deroo arte (1/5) (Deutsch)

Die Bestie in uns – Wissenschaftler erforschen menschliche Abgründe – 2007
Tilman Wolff – Deutsche Bearbeitung des amerikanischen Dokumentarfilms
„The Human Behaviour Experiment“ 2006 Alex Gibney (Deutsch)

The new rulers of the world – 2002
(:53) John Pilger
A documentary produced on the consequences of globalisation, taking Indonesia as the primary example of the serious problems with the new globalization. (English)

War by Other Means – 1992
(:52) John Pilger
(1/6) (English)

Koran im Kopf – 2007
Jürgen Thebrath WDR (1/4) (Deutsch)
Koran im Kopf II – Barinos Ausstieg (1/5) (Deutsch)

Democracy – 2006 (1:22) Simon Adizzone, Russell Michaels
exposes the vulnerability of computers – which count approximately 80% of America’s votes in county, state and federal elections (English)

La Modelo – A Jail in Colombia – 2007?
(:52) Valerie Texeraud (English)

MS 13 – Amerikas gefährlichste Gang – 2005
(:48) Andrew Tkach (Deutsch)

Dimming – 2005 (:47) Jack Fortune BBC2 (English)

Big Ideas that Changed the World – Democracy – 2005
(:38) Tony Benn (English)

Die Abwahl von Christoph Blocher – 2008
Hansjürg Zumstein SF1 DOK (Schweizerdeutsch)

Crude – The incredible journey of Oil – 2007 (1:29) Richard Smith ABC (English)

A Crude Awakening – The Oil Crash – 2006 (1:23) Basil Gelpke, Ray McCormack

WACO: The Rules of Engagement – 1997 Amy Sommer
(1/2) (1:09)
(2/2) (1:06)
(extra: infrared footage) (English)

At Home with the Terror Suspects – 2005?(:47)
Phil Rees, Fiona StourtonDispatches (English)

Fake Trade – 2007
(:48) Tom Willis, Nick Hornby Channel4
A film about a criminal industry that is sweeping the world. A demand for the copy/fake brands that we think we can’t live without. (English)

Santa’s Workshop – 2004 (:33)
Lotta Ekelund, Kristina Bjurling
Inside China’s slave labor toy factories (English)

Die RAF – Rote Armee Fraktion – 2007
Stefan Aust, Helmar Büchel ARD – Teil 1 und 2

The Art of Piano – Great Pianists of 20th Century – 1999 (1:48)
Christian Labrande, Donald Sturrock (1/11) (English)

Blood Diamonds – 2007 (1:30) Margaret G. Kim History Channel
Sierra Leone (English)

House of Saud – 2005 David Fanning PBS Frontline (1/14) (English)

Human v2.0 – 2006 (:48) James van der Pool BBC Horizon (English)

Dispatches – The Great Green Smoke Screen – 2007 (:48) Tom Clarke, Fiona Campbell
reveals how attempts to buy our way out of climate crisis may not be delivering (English)

The Great African Scandal – 2007 (:47) Robert Beckford
Robert Beckford visits Ghana to investigate the hidden costs of rice, chocolate and gold and why, 50 years after independence, a country so rich in natural resources is one of the poorest in the world. He discovers child labourers farming cocoa instead of attending school and asks if the activities of multinationals, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund have actually made the country’s problems worse. (English)

Unknown White Male – 2005 (1:28) Rupert Murray (1/9) (English)

Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections – 2007
(1:20) David Earnhardt trailer (English)

Die Invasion der Ideen – 2005 (1:38) Herrmann Vaske ZDF (Deutsch)

Vortrag: The Crisis in Darfur – A Challenge of Conscience – 2007
(1:29) UC Santa Barbara (English)

Konfrontation mit den Fremden – 2007 (:28) Joachim Bublath ZDF

Hacktivisten – Rebellen im Internet – 2002
(:54) Ian Walker arte (Deutsch)

Human Version 2.0 – 2006 (:48) James van der Pool Horizon BBC (English)

Blue Eyed – Blauäugig -1996 (1:32) Betram Verhaag
Jane Elliott unterteilt die Gruppe in die guten und intelligenten „Braunäugigen“ und die dummen, unterpriviligierten „Blauäugigen“ und erschafft in solchen Workshops einen Mikrokosmos unserer Gesellschaft mit allen Erfahrungswelten und Emotionen, wie sie auch in der Realität erscheinen. (Deutsch)

Comandante – 2003 (1:35) Oliver Stone on Fidel Castro (Deutsch)

Undercover In The Secret State North Korea – 2005 (:49) Kim Jung Eun (English)

AIDS: Die grossen Zweifel – 1996 Djamel Tahi, TSR und arte (1/5) (Deutsch)

An Islamic History of Europe – 2005 (1:30)Rageh Omaar BBC Four (1/12) (English)

Secret Lifes – L. Ron Hubbard – 1997 (:51) Jill Robinson
A biography of Hubbard’s life and the Scientology cult. (1/5) (English)

Horizon – God On The Brain – 2003 (:48) Liz Tucker
These people suffer from one of the strangest of all brain disorders. It makes them think they have been touched by god. (1/5) (English)

The Great Global Warming Swindle – 2007 (1:16) Martin Durkin

(Deutsche Untertitel) in deutscher Überarbeitung:
Der Klima-Schwindel – 2007 (:40) RTL

Steuersubventionen – Milliardensegen für die deutschen Kirchen
Panorama 17.10.2002 – Jochen Graebert, Clemens Oswald (1/2) (2/2)

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